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You can find here just few information about this site and me.

My self

I live in Monza, close to Milan, with my wife and two beautiful twins: Alessia and Gianluca and one cat.
I love photography, of course, but also reading, music and movies. Some time I play video games, mainly RPG and Real Time Strategy. I like also trekking to get some pure air and to fix emotions through lens.


I'm using a digital camera since April 2006, but a lot of the images that I posted on A Look Through Lens have been taken with a non digital camera (Yashica FX, Contax 139X and Canon 33V). Following is the gear I'm using:

  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon EOS 350D
  • Canon EF 17-40 f/4L USM
  • Canon EF 28-105 f/4-5,6 USM
  • Canon EF 75-300 f/4-5,6 USM IS
  • Canon EF 100 f/2,8 MACRO USM
  • Canon 580 EX
  • Tripod Manfrotto Gitzo GT2540EX + head G1276M
  • Scanner Nikon CoolScan V ED


Reason of this photoblog is simply the desire to show my work on the web in order to get comments, suggestions, and constructive critics improving my technique and discovering different points of view on how to look through lens.
I decided to use English on this site in order to force myself to improve as much as possible my knowledge of such language; a further reason is that it's the most used on the web.
If you like, any correction or critic to my English will be much appreciated.

Site design

I'm taking inspiration for design of my site mainly from the following photoblogs: Chromasia, Chromogenic, Orbit 1 and The Narrative, hoping that they don't mind about.
Anyway the intent would be to keep "A look through lens" as much simple and clean as possible; the main scope of this site is to show the pictures, nothing else. For sure I will do any effort to improve it both from design and from content point of view, but still in line with the above philosophy.
About this, let me say that I have not so much time for web design, and on the other hand I'm not so skilled in web languages as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., so this probably means that it will take time to get the end. Unfortunately the site is not yet completed, and I apologize for that, but I think that it's enough to go through my pictures without so many problems. Nevertheless I will do any effort to get the end as soon as possible. Moreover any suggestion to improve this site will be much appreciated.
Many thanks to Jennifer of Photojenic for her help in designing my archive page.
The best video resolution to enjoy the images would be 1024 by 768 or higher with a 17" monitor or larger.

The content

In principle I prefer to work on projects, but I will post randomly also other shots not strictly related to a specific theme.
I started with an old idea whose final result has been a public exhibition called "Terra di Lomello" organized at Lomello on 1985 and sustained by the Local Authority. It's related to the life, the work and the landscape of Lomello and the related region around so called "Lomellina". Other projects are "The wall pictures", murals and graffiti found in Milan and around and "Doors and Windows".


If somebody is interested to buy some print we could discuss and agreed about the size and the price, so please drop me a message in this case.
Alternatively you can visit the following websites:

To buy on FOTOMOTO it's enough you follow one of the related links below each image on A Look Through Lens.

I hope you will enjoy my works.

Have a good vision. Thanks and bye, Roberto

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Updated on July 2011

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